Thursday, April 19, 2007

Josh Homme does my bidding (or why I like QOTSA more now than ever)

If you know me well, you've probably heard my proposal for extending days by 12 or even 24 hours. Because, you know, we sleep for 8 hours (if we're lucky), and we work for 8 hours (if we're working for the 'the man'). That leaves only 8 hours to do our regular chores, keeps lines of communication open with our loved ones, pursue our hobbies, etc.

I started by asking for 48 hour days, then dropped it down to 36. It seems Josh Homme, frontman for Queens of the Stone Age, has been working on this request too. In a Billboard article that ran last week, he said, "I'm talking to this one guy about adding four more hours to each day, but he's not real positive about it." Damn! Could we at least get two hours? Two would be better than nothing.

And then, jumping over to a Pitchfork interview (also from last week, 4/13/07), Josh expresses my same assessment on this current age of overload:

"'s an age of disinformation, where it's not like it's being kept from you, it's more like it's being piled on top of you [emphasis mine]. And so I think every time you go to make a personal decision, it's like more information comes to light. I think it's not really bad, it's more gluttony rad. It's sort of like indecision. And I think while we're all deciding, everyone samples a little bit of everything. And I'd like to play that party."

I complain about this sort of thing at work all the time -- there's just too much information being generated and it's impossible to take in everything we should! Just from my own day job office alone, there are new articles being generated every day that could completely take over my reading time if I let them. The only difference here is that, while Josh wants to "play that party," I kind of wish more people in the world would take vacations and shut the hell up for a few months at a time. And stop pumping out so many new members of the species and actually take the time to look around and figure out what kind of world we are really, truly capable of sustaining before we all suffocate on our own hot air.

Yes, I know, I'm part of the problem too... so I guess I should just shut up myself, join Josh at the party, and wait patiently for the suffocation to take over with a big smile on my face. Which is fine, just as long as it happens after June 16 so I have a chance to hear the new QOTSA album, Era Vulgaris, and use it as my end-times soundtrack.

P.S. -- head over to to hear "3's and 7's" from the new album. It fucking rules!


Doug M. said...

Sharon Osbourne has said she hopes Queen Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme "gets syphilis and dies" after he criticised her husband Ozzy's Ozzfest tour.

Homme responded to a comment in this month's Blender magazine made about his bands decision to never take part in Ozzfest again because "they treat the bands like shit."

Now Sharon, who created the Ozzfest tour in 1996, has responded with the following statement: "I hope he gets syphilis and dies. I hope his dick fuckin' falls off so his mother can eat it."

harmolodic said...

Such a classy lady, that Sharon Osbourne. "Dick -- it's what's for dinner!"