Saturday, August 11, 2007

New band videos! Part 5 - "Fake Tales Of San Francisco"

...and here we have the fifth and final "Lost The Plot" video post - our closing number, the Arctic Monkeys' "Fake Tales Of San Francisco." Christina chose this one, and it turned out to be the perfect set closer. Julie had fun working her way around the English flavor of the vocals, Christina got some cool bass fills, Djuna and I joined in on those fun background vocals towards the end... it's just a fun song to play all around, and fun for the audience too.

Not sure when my next performance will be, as my musical plans are up in the air at the moment. So enjoy these in the meantime. Better yet, get out there and start playing yourself!

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funcrunch said...

Good choice of songs to highlight. The only other one I might have included, were I making the picks, was "Bohemian Like You". Look forward to making music with you again in the future!