Monday, September 24, 2007

More reviews and a yoga folly

Bringin' you up to date with my latest assessments of new(ish) music from opposite ends of the rock n' roll spectrum over at, once again, Bullz-Eye:

On the cutting edge part of the spectrum, I took a crack at Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam. If you're too lazy to read the full review (it's just over 400 words, don't be shy!), here's the two-word summation: acquired taste.

And on the moldy goldy end, it's Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino. The two-word summation for this one? Mostly awesome.

And now, in my favored fashion of mixing unrelated topics (would you expect anything less from a guy who sincerely enjoys both Minnie Riperton and Slayer?)... I've been practicing yoga, and I learned a very important lesson some weeks ago. No, I'm not talking about the importance of eye gaze, ujjayi breath, modifying poses when necessary or any of that...

Actually, this sort of relates to modifying poses. I occasionally have to use a strap for poses that require stretching hand to foot. I can't always reach that far, so I have to wrap a strap around my foot and grab onto that instead. At one session, the instructor walked up to me and asked if I needed a strap. I was already using one, or so I thought that's what I had taken from the locker.

Remember this now, if you plan on practicing yoga some day -

This is a strap:
And this is a jump rope:

Any questions?

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funcrunch said...

Ha! Thanks for the early-morning laugh :-)