Friday, November 30, 2007

Bullz Eye updates

As promised, my latest up on Bullz Eye:

The title of this new Oasis DVD is all too apt: Lord Don't Slow Me Down. I think the Gallagher brothers are due for a break.

And back on the CD front... yet another Van Morrison compilation. If you forget the fact that Van (and really, nearly everyone of importance from his generation) has been and continues to be anthologized to no end, and if your collection contains nothing from the man at all, then it's not a bad place to start.

I've also got a brief entry in Bullz Eye's annual holiday gift guide. It's the one on the Frank Sinatra box set.

All the music writers were also asked to survey their top ten albums for 2007, as well as their picks for the 90 best albums of the '90s. The 90 of the '90s are being tabulated... when the final list is posted, I'll share my own list here. The tastes and opinions over at Bullz Eye are fairly diverse, so it's safe to say that what gets published will have more than a few eyebrow raisers. Then again, I'm sure my own list has its fair share. But we shall see soon enough!

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