Thursday, January 31, 2008

I finally did it

That's right. After more than four years of stubbornly clinging to my comfort zone, I've given in and upgraded to Windows XP.

No, not Vista. XP.

My custom built machine suffered an awful crash on Tuesday morning that made it impossible for me to launch just about any non-Microsoft application. To make matters worse, my Windows 2000 disc had some scratches on it that made it impossible to run a new installation. Worse still, my old system was corrupted to the point where I couldn't even run the Windows XP CD to do a standard upgrade and migration of my user settings and applications, so I had no choice but to boot up with the CD and install XP anew.

So now I am re-installing applications and drivers bit by bit, as needed. I'm just glad it happened after I had already completed the Ornette guide for Popdose...

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