Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funcrunch in review

Though seeing beyond the bright lights was difficult, we did hear shouts of approval on Monday night when Julie, Ziggy, Mike A., Rex, Steve and I took the stage at Cafe du Nord as 'Funcrunch.'

This was the fifth band wokshop in which I have participated through the Blue Bear School of Music, not counting the one class I took in 2005 where we learned Beatles songs on acoustic guitar, and performed them on stage as a group without the aid of a drummer.

It certainly was what I would call a special group: excepting Steve, all of us knew each other already or at least had met each other enough times to know we were cool with each other. Ziggy was quite adept at switching between a bunch of different keyboard sounds. Mike A. and I locked into a good groove -- I had played guitar with him before, and as I suspected, playing bass with him was a breeze and a lot of fun. Best of all, Rex, Julie and Steve sang in harmony together. I had wanted to play in a band workshop with three-part vocal harmonies, and finally got my wish. I also added some harmony to one song with Rex, since the bass line was simple enough that I could divide my attention without losing track of what my fingers were doing.

As with my last couple of performances, the results were filmed. Video should be available within a few weeks.

If only we could do this every day!

Our set list:

Medley: Money For Nothing/Walk Of Life [Dire Straits]
Doesn't Remind Me [Audioslave]
You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As Your Told) [The White Stripes]
Edge Of The Ocean [Ivy]
Owner Of A Lonely Heart [Yes]
Working On My Soul [original song by Rex]
To The Tender (Beauty Marks/Blisters) [Mind Science Of The Mind]
I Don't Believe You [Bob Dylan]
Ramble On [Led Zeppelin]

Photos from the evening:

Photo by Eric Zuckerman

Photo by Eric Zuckerman

Photo by Eric Zuckerman

Photo by Julie Bernstein

Photo by Eric Zuckerman

Photo by Eric Zuckerman

Photo by Julie Bernstein


Anonymous said...

It was awesome performing with you Mike, as always! Let's do it again for sure.

Two nitpicks: Spooner played bass for your Beatles recital if I recall correctly, and we did have some vocal harmonies, or at least different vocal parts together, in our contemporary bands workshop. ;-)

harmolodic said...

You're right on both counts. It's now corrected. I completely forgot that Spooner was on bass in the Beatles recital. As for the harmonies, three-part was ultimately what I was thinking but did not articulate.

Yes, for sure, we will do it again!