Friday, October 26, 2007

Fun with boxes

Pre-adulthood, I used to see features in magazines, newspapers, even ad inserts on CD box sets that appear around the holiday shopping season and read them with greater interest than the front page news. Oh, the simple joys of being young and curious!

Now, I get to write some of those little blurbs myself. Bullz Eye posted their "Hope You Enjoy My New Box Set" feature last week, which features eight entries by yours truly. I could have easily made all eight of those entries dedicated to the series of eight Miles Davis "complete" sets that Columbia/Legacy has been pumping out over the past decade. However, in the interest of variety, there's also some Dylan, Yes, Ornette, and others represented. The whole damn thing is really fun to read. Check it out.


funcrunch said...

Good stuff. I'm surprised you weren't the one who reviewed the Steely Dan set. I don't have any of these, though Billy Joel's the one I'd be most likely to pick up actually.

harmolodic said...

I have the Billy Joel set -- it's pretty enjoyable, though definitely loses some steam towards the end. I never had the Steely Dan set on my list only because I think it could have been presented better. Can't argue with its contents though.